Teejan Bai

Teejan Bai (born 24 April 1956) is an exponent of Pandavani, a traditional performing art form, from Chhattisgarh, in which she enacts tales from the Mahabharata, with musical accompaniments.


  • PadmaBhushan 2003
  • PadmaShri 1988
  • SangeetNatakAkademi Award 1995

Pandavani, truly implies stories of Pandavas, the incredible siblings in Mahabharat, and includes establishing and singing with instrumental backup an ektara or a tambura in one hand and infrequently a kartal in another. Strangely, as the execution advances, the tambura turns into her exclusive prop amid her exhibitions, once in a while she utilizes it to exemplify a gada, mace of Arjun, or now and again his bow or chariot, while others it turns into the hair of ruler Draupadi, enabling her to play different character without any difficulty and candour. Her acclaimed exhibitions are of, Draupadi cheerharan, Dushasana Vadh and Mahabharat Yudh, amongst Bhishma and Arjun.