1.What is Arth?
Arth – A Culture Fest is one of India’s biggest multi-regional cultural festivals. It is a celebration of India and her roots and an  attempt to rediscover the brilliance of Indian literature, culture, heritage, society, music, art, and history. 

2.When and where is Arth – A Culture Fest 2023?
 24 – 26 Feb, 
 New Delhi Sunder Nursery

3.What kind of workshops are going to be held at Arth – A Culture Fest?
Diverse tribal art workshops – from Wood Carving, Bamboo Craft, Hand Block Printing, Cheriyal Painting, Mithila Art, Patachitra and more. Be a part of these workshops held by master artisans who teach and demonstrate the history and richness of each art form.

4.Where can I register for Arth – A Culture Fest?
 You can register here. The registration is free of cost.

5.Where can I find the schedule for Arth – A Culture Fest?
Find the complete schedule for Arth – A Culture Fest for 24 – 26 Feb here

6.What is the lineup for panel discussions at Arth – A Culture Fest 2023?
Check our schedule to get an entire list of panel discussions for this year. schedule here

7.Can you register for all three days of Arth – A Culture Fest 2023?
Yes, here is where you can register