Sufi Shahi Qawwals Ensemble of Ajmer Shariff

Haji Syed Salman Chishty is born on 9th March 1982 among the “Syed o Saddat” and
“Chishty Sufi family of Ajmer Sharif” whose lineage goes back all the way to The Holy Prophet of Islam Hz.SYEDNA MOHAMMEDﷺ through HISﷺ blessed grandson

He being the 26th Generation Gaddi-Nashin (Hereditary Custodians/Key Holders) through His Chishty family which has been engaged in serving at the globally famed, acknowledged and renowned center of Peace and Unity for the whole of Humanity – THE BLESSED
DARGAH AJMER SHARIF SUFI SHRINE of the 11th Century Sufi Grand Master Teacher Hz.KHAWAJA MOINUDEEN HASAN CHISHTY(R.A.) whose blessed Shrine’s KEYS have been passed on to the present family of Gaddi-Nashins through generation to generations since last 800 years.