Day 2 | Arth – A Culture Fest

Day 2 | Arth – A Culture Fest

Arth - A Culture Fest 2023

Arth – A Culture Fest | 2023


Smriti Irani

Anuraag Saxena

Vivek Agnihotri

Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri

Prakash Raj


Javed Ali

Kutle Khan

Neelesh Mishra

Parween Sultana


Cheriyal Painting

Hand Block Printing

Patachitra Artist

Wood Carving

About Us

Arth – A Culture Fest is one of India’s biggest cultural festivals. It is a celebration of India and her roots and an attempt to rediscover the brilliance of Indian literature, culture, heritage, society, music, art, and history.

India’s first multi-regional culture fest, Arth takes you on an odyssey through the rich heritage of India, one of the world’s most ancient civilizations – an all-embracing confluence of societies, faiths, customs, and traditions. Whether it is art or science, music or mathematics, cinema or craftsmanship, our varied cultures are an intrinsic part of the nation’s fabric. It is a tapestry weaved with its cultural diversity, past glories, triumphs, and turbulences, and the legacy and wisdom that has been passed down through the centuries. As you take in the beauty of India, her elegance and versatility while truly understanding her essence, your individual interpretation will be your discovery, your meaning, your ARTH!

Conversations at Arth
Look forward to intriguing dialogues and panel discussions by some of the most respected veterans of the
country, intellectuals, journalists, authors, historians and Honorable Members of Parliament. The stalwarts would include J. Sai Deepak, Kabir Bedi, Prakash Raj,  Salvatore Babones,  Sanjeev Sanyal, Vikram Sampath, Vivek Agnihotri, to name a few.

Performances at Arth
From Indian classical to the colorful tribal dance forms to performances in music, poetry recitals, and more, by some of the most celebrated dancers, musicians, singers, and poets. The celebrity performances would include Javed Ali, Kutle Khan, Manav Kaul, Neelesh Mishra, Parveen Sultana, and many more.

Children at Arth
Curated sessions, storytelling sessions and workshops for children aged 3-14 through strategic
partnerships with brands like Amar Chitra Katha and Guru Leela.

Food At Arth
The food at the festival has been specially curated by Delhi Food Walks that will tantalize the taste buds
and indulge in diverse cuisines and flavors of India.

Workshops at Arth
Engage in with artisans from different parts of the country and their workshops that give us a glimpse into
the rich history and culture of India. These workshops will be conducted by award winning artisans.

Art at Arth
Three beautiful art exhibits curated artistically by Dr. Alka Pande that truly represent the Indic narrative.

24 – 26 Feb, New Delhi
Sunder Nursery


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Meet the Team

Founder, Arth - A Culture Fest
Co-Director, Saat Saath Arts Foundation
Festival Director, Arth - A Culture Fest
Author and Historian


Advisor, Art and Folk

CS Panchamakesan

Advisor, Craft and Workshops

Neerja Sarin

Curator, Art

Dr Alka Pande

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